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Frost damage in the Loire 2017

Sadly I have to report that after an extraordinarily difficult year in 2016 due to frost, the Loire has yet again been hit hard in 2017.


2016 turned out to be a very tricky year for them with miniscule yeilds of around 6hl/ha.

Vintage 2014 in the Loire

The 2014 vintage is drawing to a close here in the Loire with the last passes through the vineyards of the Layon taking place over the weekend. Some Chenin was still hanging in the Layon on Sunday but I dare say with the break in the weather today and strong rain, this marks the end of the harvest for most people.

Simple summer salads

A delightful summer salad of sweet, salty, creamy, peppery ingredients. Perfect for a hot day and lovely served with a glass of chilled Chinon rosé from the Loire.

Charles Joguet Les Varennes du Grand Clos

2007 doesn’t have the reputation of some other red wine vintages here in the Loire but this Chinon was tasting absolutely delicious last night and the night before.

Chateau du Petit Thouars

Sebastien du Petit Thouars was on fine form at the Salon des Vins de Loire this week. I dropped by to taste a couple of his Cabernet Francs.