Simple summer salads

Sometimes the most simple things are the best.  It’s all about ingredients – if you make sure they are fresh, ripe and seasonal then you can’t go wrong.  This summery salad is a perfect example.  I just took some ripe peaches, roquette from the garden, some balls of fresh buffalo mozarella and some speck.  Over the top I sprinkled some mint and then drizzled over the best olive oil I have to hand (I keep a really tip-top one in the cupboard when the ingredients need to sing).  A tiny amount of very good balsamic, a few flakes of fleur de sel and there you have it.  A delightful summer salad of sweet, salty, creamy, peppery ingredients.  Perfect for a hot day and lovely served with a glass of chilled rosé from the Loire.  Our favourite rosé is made by Jerome Billard of Domaine de la Noblaie in Ligré just outside Chinon.