Le Tasting Room starting again

le tasting room

We’re still in between houses. Nigel is in the new house decorating and I’m in our temporary home dealing with all things administration. It feels quite different in Touraine to Anjou. The restaurants are much more flexible in their opening hours, there are visible tourists in January and there is more traffic on the roads.

In our village, we return to the calm just like we had in Cumeray although we have street lights and mains drains. I never thought I’d see the day when I’d be excited about that!

Meals are simple in the extreme. We have two camping chairs, a mattress, the fire, music and wine. Not a bad start.

The sandwich above was beyond delicious. I stripped the meat off 2 chicken legs that were left over from the previous evening along with some garlic and peppers. The soft garlic was squished and spread on the bread along with the jelly from the bottom of the roasting dish and the chicken liberally sprinkled with sea salt.