Le Kernel Pale Ale

Sitting in the garden yesterday lunchtime we enjoyed a simple sandwich and then nibbled away at a rather copious cheeseboard.  For once, we fancied a beer and shared a bottle of The Kernel Pale Ale.  The Kernel is a small brewery in London – each bottle comes with a drink by date and there is quite a yeasty sediment in the bottle. If you pour carefully you can avoid the sediment but we rather like the yeastiness and the fact that the beer gets more and more cloudy as you reach the bottom.  It didn’t go very well with the Livarot but was great with the Comté and Saint Nectaire.

It’s a really fruity beer with wonderful citrus notes and then a delicious bitterness on the finish – quite high in alcohol but hey, we only had half a bottle and no clients in the afternoon!