Cutlery – the 9.47 table knife

How important is cutlery to the dining experience?  Well, pretty important if you ask me. Decent cutlery really adds something and yesterday we discovered Le 9.47 at Chez Remi in Angers. We both commented on it independently of one another. The knives are a sleek design and have a lovely weight in the hand. They feel good to hold and cut through the braised beef paleron like butter.  Not familiar with them I took the trouble to look them up this morning. They’re pricey at 296€ for 6 but I’d be more than happy to receive a coffret of 6 for Christmas!

Yves Charles, Michelin starred chef in Paris was the one who inspired its design in 2005. Apparently during a lunch in 2004 a group of friends were served magret de canard.  Several in the party took out their pocket knives to eat the duck while others struggled with the rather ineffective restaurant knives.  Discussion followed over several more glasses of wine during which it was agreed that it should be possible to have a table knife that cut as efficiently as a pocket knife.  The concept was born while sharing a bottle of primeur wine with 9.47° alcohol and hence the name 9.47. This is also why the ‘look’ of the knife is as it is – it resembles a folding pocket knife.


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