What is an arpent de terre?

An arpent de terre is an old French measurement that is both a unit of length and of area.  In vineyards the arpent was used as a unit of area, one arpent being roughly equivalent to about 3419 square metres which is about .85 of an acre.

Last night we enjoyed a bottle of Jean-François Merieau’s L’Arpent des Vaudons a lovely fresh Sauvignon Blanc that makes an excellent aperitif.  Sauvignon from Touraine tends to be a little softer and rounder than Sauvignon from the  Central Vineyards region further East which can be rather more demanding drunk alone. If you like Sauvignon Blanc and are used to the New Zealand style then do look out for Touraine Sauvignons.  You’ll find them slightly less tropical in style but with lovely fruit and weight on the palate.