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Vouvray 7 March 2015

Beautiful, beautiful spring weather this weekend in the Loire. Full sunshine and temperatures of around 17° in Vouvray made it feel like early summer.

Vintage 2014 in the Loire

The 2014 vintage is drawing to a close here in the Loire with the last passes through the vineyards of the Layon taking place over the weekend. Some Chenin was still hanging in the Layon on Sunday but I dare say with the break in the weather today and strong rain, this marks the end of the harvest for most people.

The vineyard year – pruning in Vouvray

This year we are hoping mother nature will be a little kinder to our growers here in the Loire. After 2 really hard years, they deserve an easier time in 2014.

Vouvray – an update from Bernard Fouquet

We were there to catch up with Bernard Fouquet of Domaine des Aubuissieres, one of the top growers in the region and whose wines we regularly include in our tutored Loire wine tastings here at le tasting room. Bernard estimates that he has lost the equivalent of 60,000 bottles this year due to the hailstorm of June 17th 2013.