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Petillants Naturels

An article this morning that I reposted made me think that I would write a few words of my own about the growing number of ‘natural’ sparkling wines on the market today


2016 turned out to be a very tricky year for them with miniscule yeilds of around 6hl/ha.

Loire Wine Tour, Ecolodge & Spa

New for 2017 we have teamed up with Ecolodges de Loire & Spa to offer you a short stay in the heart of the beautiful Anjou countryside after a day of Loire Wine Discovery

Drinking outside the box – away from the Loire for once

Appreciate natural wines for what they truly are and accept that they are quirky, different, unique. That’s the point.

Natural Wines – a few thoughts

There is no legal definition of ‘natural’ – so confusing for the poor consumer trying to get to grips with all the many approaches to growing vines and making wine.

Olivier Cousin – judgement day

Tomorrow is judgement day for Olivier Cousin who has been taken to court for incorrectly labelling one of his wines ‘Anjou’.

La Dive Bouteille 2014

If you’re in the region and interested in wines with a natural leaning then head off down to Saumur this weekend where the annual La Dive Bouteille tasting is taking place.