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La Paulée de l’Anjou Noir 2017

Standing among the vines in the appellation of Bonnezeaux overlooking the beautiful landscape of Anjou, we had a fascinating insight into the work of the organic growers this week as we participated in 6th edition of La Paulée de l’Anjou Noir.

Wine tasting on a Sunday in the Loire – Chateau des Vaults

Ok, so you’re staying in Angers in the Loire and you love wine and you think ‘right, it’s Sunday tomorrow, let’s go wine tasting’.

Frost damage in the Loire 2017

Sadly I have to report that after an extraordinarily difficult year in 2016 due to frost, the Loire has yet again been hit hard in 2017.


2016 turned out to be a very tricky year for them with miniscule yeilds of around 6hl/ha.

Why is pruning so important?

There are different ways to prune vines. Here in the Loire in Anjou we see a lot of Single Guyot and Double Guyot pruning, a cane replacement system.

Pruning in the Loire valley

Pruning in the Loire valley

What is bâtonnage?

Bâttonage is the French word for stirring the ‘lees’

10 Things You Probably Didn’t Know About the Loire Valley

A few things that you might not know about the Loire valley.

Domaine Ogereau

The wines from Domaine Ogereau in Anjou were tasting fantastic when we visited last week

A new estate in Anjou – Domäne Vincendeau

Close to the banks of the Loire and overlooking the small island of Behuard, Liv Domäne has found a delightful spot to base herself and her winery.