Loire Wine & Cheese Discovery from Amboise

1 day /
225€ per person
1 June 2021 - 31 October 2021 Mondays to Fridays only

This is a lovely day when you’ll learn all about the wines of the Loire and all about French cheese culture. A perfect combination that combines tasting a range of wines from all over the Loire, a home cooked 2 course lunch and then an afternoon activity  that reveals all you need to know about French cheese.   If you’ve ever wondered how to put together a French cheeseboard, how to cut the cheeses and in what order to eat them, this is the day for you.

The tour starts from Le Tasting Room in Noizay, a small village in the heart of the Vouvray wine producing area of the Loire just 10 minutes from Amboise. This tour is available as a day trip from Paris.


A comprehensive introduction to the wines of the Loire valley, its grape varieties and wine styles, a home cooked appetizer and entrée prepared using local ingredients from the markets and our garden. The chance to buy wine at cellar door prices. An afternoon devoted to French cheese, including a tasting of a range of local cheeses, guidance on how to cut, and serve French cheeses and the accompaniments served with them. A dessert prepared from fresh local soft cheese to round off the day.

What’s Included?

Coffee or tea and biscuits. A tasting of 6 wines from all over the Loire valley. An appetizer and entrée prepared by Cathy and Nigel Henton served in their delightful troglodyte home in the heart of the vineyard area. Transport to the beautiful home of Kim Brindel on the Ile d’Or overlooking the stunning chateau of Amboise for an afternoon devoted to cheese. Selection of local cheeses, home prepared dessert.


Make your way to our home in Noizay (just 10 minutes from Amboise) for a 10h00 start with coffee and biscuits.

Enjoy a tutored tasting of 6 wines reflecting the diversity of this great winemaking region in the comfort of our tasting room. We run through the basics of tasting technique, discuss the geography of the region and unravel the mysteries of French wine labelling.

Relax in the garden with an aperitif before a delicious home-made 2 course lunch with wine. Indulge in a selection of dishes creatively prepared using local ingredients sourced from our local markets and our garden.

We then head off to the charming private home of Kim Brindel, a native New Yorker residing in France for over 20 years and married to a Parisien. Kim lives on the Île d’Or overlooking the beautiful chateau of Amboise and during the afternoon she will introduce you to a selection of French cheeses that illustrates the many varieties and the regions they come from. She’ll focus on local cheese from the Loire valley and while tasting, you’ll learn how to prepare a balanced cheeseboard, how to correctly cut each cheese, and the best order in which to eat them.

Different condiments to compliment the cheeses will be served according to the seasons and the dégustation will end with a classic French dessert prepared with fresh, soft cheese.

Availability & Booking

Bookings made within 48 hours of the tour date will be subject to payment in full at the time of booking.  Any tour cancelled within 48 hours of the tour date will be subject to full payment.  Any cancellations on our part will be fully refunded.

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