Wine tasting in the Loire

Wine tasting in the Loire is unique and tasting rooms range from very rustic to chic and modern. Few employ a permanent member of staff to pour wine and in many cases it is the owner who will receive you at the winery. Here are a few photos of tasting rooms in and around the Loire valley. While you can sometimes just turn up for a tasting, it’s always better to call in advance so the grower expects you.  The bigger tasting rooms are likely to have an English speaker available but with smaller ones this is less likely.


The tasting room at Chateau Soucherie in the hills of the Layon is super contemporary and very stylish


Tasting with Maryse Tugendhat at 15th century Chateau de Pimpéan is always a pleasure


Domaine de Bablut’s tasting room is an old windmill. Christophe Daviau’s family has been making wine since 1546


The new tasting room at Jérémie Mourat in Fiefs Vendéens – a modern facility open all year round


Mathieu Vallées tasting room in Parnay is dug into the limestone hillside underneath the Saumur Champigny vineyards


Luc Bizard does his tastings in the winery at Chateau Epiré in the heart of the Savennnières appellation


You won’t forget a tasting at Domaine Chevalerie with Pierre Caslot in Bourgueil