What going on in the vineyards in January?

snowy vines

Pruning is in full swing here in the Loire with teams visible in the vineyards as you drive along. Much of France has had snow this past week although where we are, close to Vouvray, just a few flecks and lots of drizzle.

From January 2019 the appellations in the region of Anjou Saumur will not be able to use glyphosate underneath the vines to control weeds. It’s been common for conventional growers to ‘blanket’ spray their vineyards in the Spring, horrible to see the earth turn a rather unpleasant shade of orange as all living matter is extinguished. This is no longer allowed and means that other alternatives will have to used. Working the soil mechanically, burning the weeds or using natural methods will now be the alternative. Good news and a step in the right direction for the environment.

Apart from pruning, growers are attending the myriad of salons that dominate the scene at the beginning of the year. The big wine fair for professionals is next week so we are excited to be able to taste the first wines from 2018, a vintage that promises great things after a run of tricky vintages.

Apologies for the late report, as many of you will already know, we have just moved house and had no internet until a couple of days ago.