What are we drinking this week? Coteau des Treilles 2009 from Jo Pithon

Les Treilles 2009

Another amazing wine from Jo Pithon, his Coteau des Treilles 2009. We have a few bottles of a few different vintages in our cellar and it’s a while since we tasted the 2009.

A beautiful rich golden colour in the glass and a wonderful smoky aroma that leads into a whole myriad of different aromas. Plum skins and white flowers, black tea and even a slight caramel note. If I said the oil used to clean out guns after a day’s shooting, would that mean anything to you? I know it doesn’t sound great but it’s an aroma from my childhood and putting my nose to the glass transported me back in time in an instant.

The 2009 vintage produced full bodied wines and we were expecting to perceive a drop in acidity since we last tasted it. Not a bit. It still has the purity and freshness that marks it out as a top quality wine and one of the best in Anjou.

As you know, Jo has now retired (albeit staying on in an advisory capacity for the foreseeable future), and sold his domaine, including Les Treilles to Ivan Massonnat. I gather he has employed someone just to look after this vineyard and he has gone down to the Rhone valley to see how they work their famous slopes down there.  Sounds like the good wine from this incredible site will continue.