Vintage update from the Loire 2018

It’s so nice to see smiles on the faces of growers in the Loire this year. For the most part, everyone seems delighted with both the quantity and the quality that is coming in.

In Anjou yesterday we talked with David Wigan of Chateau de Breuil who told us that he is delighted with the harvest so far. He did however tell us that there are many growers in Anjou that have left way too many bunches of grapes on their vines as an over precaution to the lack of volume these past few years. To quote him ‘they’re still green as a leek and will still be like that in several weeks’. In his opinion, although 2018 is limbering up to be a fabulous vintage, buyers will need to taste and not accept a blanket level of quality just because the vintage conditions have been positive.

We also bumped into Liv Vincendeau at La Table de la Bergerie (another fabulous lunch from the talented David Guitton) who was all smiles, happy with her harvest that is now finished. This year she’ll be making sparkling rosé instead of the still rosé she has made in previous years.