St Emilion – a charming place to spend the day

A quick dash down to Bordeaux followed by a lovely morning pottering around St Emilion before enjoying the best lunch in ages at Logis de la Cadene.

Bordeaux-june14-le-tasting-room21   Bordeaux-june14-le-tasting-room22   Bordeaux-june14-le-tasting-room23   Bordeaux-june14-le-tasting-room24   Bordeaux-june14-le-tasting-room25   Bordeaux-june14-le-tasting-room26   Bordeaux-june14-le-tasting-room27   Bordeaux-june14-le-tasting-room28   Bordeaux-june14-le-tasting-room29   Bordeaux-june14-le-tasting-room30   Bordeaux-june14-le-tasting-room31   Bordeaux-june14-le-tasting-room33   Bordeaux-june14-le-tasting-room34   Bordeaux-june14-le-tasting-room35   Bordeaux-june14-le-tasting-room36   Bordeaux-june14-le-tasting-room37   Bordeaux-june14-le-tasting-room39

Very different to the Loire but we absolutely love it.  St Emilion is a truly delightful place to spend the day.  Yes there are plenty of tourists around but this doesn’t spoil it.  The buildings are charming, there are lots of pavement cafés and restaurants and plenty of places to discover the  wines of the region.