See you in Touraine!

Our furniture (that has been in storage since October) arrives on Monday. We can’t wait to get everything into place and start making it into a home after 4 months in our (lovely but temporary) home.

It’s been a crazy two weeks since we actually took possession of the house. Nigel has been decorating what will be the new tasting room and our salon while I have been grappling with French administration. Hours of waiting on the phone have finally begun to pay off. I actually had some extremely helpful people at the end of the line despite going round in circles.

We’re looking forward to having all our own things around us, being able to cook a proper meal and drink out of nice wine glasses when we can find them. The mattress on the floor and one saucepan wears a bit thin after a while at our age!

Things may be a little quiet on the blog for a week until we get reconnected with the internet. Fingers crossed that won’t be long. We have the phone so your emails and messages will still reach us but we might not reply with our normal efficiency.

See you in Touraine!

Cathy & Nigel