Secrets of the River Loire – day trip from Paris

Grey clouds hovered over us but the rain kindly held off until we stepped off the boat after our first trip out on the Loire yesterday.  Even when the weather is unpredictable and grey, the Loire retains its beauty and the creamy tuffeau of the riverside houses seems to absorb any trace of light.  This majestic ‘fleuve’ gets under your skin and once you’re smitten, that’s it. Come and see for yourself and you’ll understand.

secrets-of-the-river-day-trip-from-paris-le-tasting-room02   secrets-of-the-river-day-trip-from-paris-le-tasting-room01   secrets-of-the-river-day-trip-from-paris-le-tasting-room04   secrets-of-the-river-day-trip-from-paris-le-tasting-room10   secrets-of-the-river-day-trip-from-paris-le-tasting-room09   secrets-of-the-river-day-trip-from-paris-le-tasting-room08   secrets-of-the-river-day-trip-from-paris-le-tasting-room21

We head off out on the river in an old sand dredging boat with local expert Alain as part of our Secrets of the River Loire tour which is available as a day trip from Paris.  For more details contact