Saumur is the place for sparkling wine

Did you know that the Loire valley is the second most important place for the production of sparkling wine outside of Champagne?  Here we call it Crémant or Mousseux and it’s made in exactly the same way  using different grape varieties and coming from different vineyards.

Saumur is home to many of the bigger sparkling wine houses such as Bouvet Ladubay, Langlois Chateau and Veuve Amiot.  It’s easy to find them as they are located in St Hilaire St Florent just outside the centre of Saumur.  All of them offer guided visits and have staff on hand that speak English so it’s well worth your while dropping in while you are in the region.

Here in the Loire you’ll find great quality sparkling wines at a fraction of the cost of Champagne. Are they as good? Yes they are – don’t be taken in by all that marketing.  Like everything it’s all about who makes the wine.