Pruning in the Loire valley

It’s all go in the vineyards at the moment in the Loire as growers prune their vines in preparation for the new season ahead.  Many of us have been complaining about the really cold weather recently but in fact this is a good thing for the vines.

Weather in the Loire has been very mild in recent years and last year we saw just a handful of days when the temperature fell below zero.  This is not a good thing – what is best for the vineyard is a nice cold period with temperatures well below freezing.  Cold weather allows the vines to go into dormancy at the end of the season and really cold weather helps to kill off diseases and viruses that over-winter in milder conditions.

As long as pruners are well wrapped up with lots of layers, it’s actually a pleasure to be out in the vineyard when the weather is icy but with clear blue sunny skies. The physical labour keeps them warm and they are doing the most important job of the year.