Peter Hahn’s lovely Vouvrays available on-line in France and Europe

Clos de la Meslerie

Many of you will have tasted Peter Hahn’s lovely Vouvrays while you have been with us at le tasting room.

I’m happy to say that he has launched an on-line facility and his wines are now available on-line in Europe and France for delivery.

For those of you who are not familiar with Peter’s wines, he makes very small quantities (a few thousand bottles only) of hand crafted, organic Vouvray using wild yeasts and no intervention in the winery. His estate is in Vernou sur Brenne just a teeny bit east of the village of Vouvray and he has 4 small parcels that surround his lovely home. Luckily he has not suffered from the terrible frosts of recent years, the elevation and position of his vineyards being key to this.

The Vouvray appellation is one of the Loire’s best known and is for white wines from the Chenin Blanc grape only. Wines can be dry, off-dry, sweet or sparkling. Peter works naturally and it is the vintage year that guides his wines so in hotter years when the area has had lots of sunshine, his wines are sweeter while in cooler years they are dry. His wines are quite delicious!

See more details here on his website here

Peter Hahn vouvray

Vouvrays from Peter Hahn – delicious, organic, small production wines, still and sparkling