A new restaurant in Savennières open 7 days a week!

Savennières is a pretty village in the heart of the Savennières appellation where great, steely whites, full of expression and character from the Chenin Blanc are made.  Good news, a new bistro/restaurant has just opened in the centre of the village.  Le Chenin will be open 7 days a week (yes, you read that correctly!) and will offer great value for money at lunchtime with a 2 course dish of the day lunch (plus either starter or dessert) for just 9 euros including wine and coffee.  It will also operate as the local post office, tabac, depot de pain and much more.

We’ll be off to try it out soon and will report back.  Meanwhile, if anyone gets there before us do let us know how it goes.  We drove past it a couple of weeks ago just before the opening and it looks charming.  Hopes are high.