Making progress

le tasting room loire wine tours

The van arrived with all our furniture this last Monday so it’s been all systems go this week unpacking boxes. I’ve had fun rediscovering all our bits and pieces and finding them a place in our new home.

Meanwhile, Nigel has spent the week up a ladder decorating the new tasting room and our salon/salle à manger. I’m officially banned from all things decorating as I lack the patience and precision he has when it comes to that side of things. In the kitchen however, I have endless patience. Happy to fiddle around striving for the perfect dish and best presentation. It’s both funny and great that we both have different strengths.

Things are slowly beginning to come together. The initial chaos is starting to clear and we love the new colours we’ve chosen. Our house is quirky and a mixture of very old and very modern. This will be the same with the decor too. We’ll have antiques mixed with contemporary pieces and modern art mixed with older, more traditional art. The paint colours we’ve chosen are from the very British, traditional suppliers Farrow and Ball and Little Greene. Both companies have been around for a couple of hundred years and have beautiful, soft, historic colours that are rich in pigment.

le tasting room loire wine tours

Oak Apple from Little Greene is a rich warm colour that goes well with the dark window frames and antique furniture

In the salon we’ve chosen London Stone and Off White from Farrow & Ball and in the tasting room  Oak Apple from Little Greene. The entrance will be Farrow & Ball’s Pale Hound, a light creamy colour with a hint of green.

I very much hope to be connected to the internet from tomorrow (famous last words) and then will be back to blogging on a more regular basis.  Living in the French countryside has its complications when it comes to technology!