Making bread the French way

Our neighbour has been keen for us to get stuck in and start making our own bread for ages but we just don’t seem to have found the time to go over and see how it’s done.  Today, New Year’s Eve, the time was right so we popped next door for a lesson with the ‘Master Boulanger’.

Using flour from our local mill near Gennes in the Loire (the Moulin de Sarré) and his mother starter, Nigel was guided through the process and we await the final result this evening when we will (hopefully) bring it out of the oven a success.

There’s a definite technique involved and while there is a recipe of sorts it clearly takes experience because each time you need to add a little less or a little more flour, a little less or a little more water.  He has it off to a fine art and knows instinctively what is required.  This takes time and experience so I daresay our novice attempt will be less than perfect.