Lock-down take 2. Day 26. 24 November 2020.

A lovely brisk walk to start the day followed by a quick Instagram Live to introduce the first of the 6 bottles in the festive tasting case (after a shower of course).

I’ve invested in a tripod so I can fix the mobile up to record the odd Insta Live but have yet to work out how to pair up the bluetooth with the automatic button thingy.

The result of this amateurishness is that I am seen skulking away at the end as I quiety run to the back of the phone to stop recording. I’m on the case and hope to crack it. The instructions that came with it are in terrible English and take a bit of understanding (for a technical numpty like me).

Anyway I managed without on this occasion and it seemed to go ok. I quite enjoyed it.

We await with baited breath the new measures that will take us into Christmas tonight. Macron is addressing the nation at 8pm. We’d decided to have a day off the wine today. Is this such a good idea?

We resolved to eat early and sandwiched dinner between the UK update and the French one. I made an aubergine parmigiana and griddled us an oregano sprinkled chicken breast each.

Despite paying good money for a supposedly happy chicken (8,50 euros for the two breasts), they were a bit tough and stringy. That bird had been running around for quite some time. As you know, I often buy a whole bird and joint it myself. This makes so much more sense and it doesn’t take long when you know what you’re doing. I should have told myself that yesterday.

And so. In France. It looks like shops are going to be able to open from this weekend but we have to continue showing a signed attestation when out of the house. We can travel up to 20km for up to 3 hours and – on the 15th December, IF the rate of infection is below 5000 cases per day then the lock-down will be suspended.

From the 15th December (if things go well) we’ll be able to go where we want but there will still be a curfew from 9pm until 7am. This isn’t a problem for us as there’s nowhere to go anyway. Restaurant, cafés and bars remain shut until the 20th January at least. A bitter blow for them.

The concern is that people will go crazy this weekend. Everyone rushing out to do their Christmas shopping. Our destiny is in our own hands. I hope people are sensible or this could be a ‘black weekend’ in the real sense of the word.