Lock-down take 2. Day 25. 23rd November 2020.

Another chilly but beautiful day here in Noizay, I spent most of the morning at Chateau de Montdomaine coordinating orders for the 6 bottle festive tasting case.

Back home for a leftovers lunch. There was just enough of the pork and aubergine curries from last night to give us a hot spicy lunch which was welcome.

We’re expecting a wood delivery today. Nigel ordered it weeks ago and we had just enough wood for a final fire last night so we’re hoping he remembers us and delivers as promised. It’s the third time we’ve ordered from the same small company and up until now they’ve been friendly and reliable. It’s just that with the confinement, are things different? Still, we’ve not had any call to let us know any different. We remain positive.

The light is fading and still no wood! We reassure ourselves that the last time he delivered it was right at the end of the day just before dusk. We resolve ourselves not to worry. Nigel starts stratching around to see if he can find enough wood for a fire tonight if it doesn’t arrive as promised.

Oh dear. It’s now dark and it looks like the wood isn’t coming today. Nigel has found just enough to keep us going tonight. I’ll call in the morning and see what’s going on.

Dinner this evening was a return to the stuffed pumpkin that Nigel made a few weeks ago. I loved it so much I bought a patisson from the supermarket yesterday along with the other ingredients and hoped he would be happy to make it again. He was, and it was every bit as delicious as last time. So pretty on the plate too. The only difference this time was that we were unable to eat the skin but that was fine.

The combination of onions, lardons, fresh sage and mascapone is really divine. We had a small salad alongside and a glass of Les Beaux Jours 2018 that I opened last night for the Instagram Live. 70% Pinot Noir and 30% Gamay it’s a lovely wine with ripe up front fruit and nice integrated tannins. The Coteaux du Giennois is an area to watch out for.