Lock-down take 2. 10th December 2020.

Popped into Amboise for a Covid test this morning. No, I’m not ill, just have to have a small medical procedure on Monday next week that involves going into hospital and that requires a negative Covid test.

I can’t say I was exactly looking forward to it. The thought of it rather made my stomach turn. Anyway, it’s done and it wasn’t so horrendous after all.

I won’t be rushing back any time soon unless I have to. Now – I await the results tomorrow.

As I was in Amboise I decided to have a turn around town, make the most of a little promenade in the cold morning air and get myself in the Christmas spirit.

I popped into the boulangerie to pick up a baguette for lunch and who should be there, my friend Allegra.

“Oh hi Allegra” I said “how lovely to see you. I’ve just had a Covid test!”

“Oh really?” she said “Are you ill?”

“Noo, I’m absolutely fine. Just need to have one that’s all”.

“Great” she said “Well hope to catch up soon”.

“Yes” I replied breezily, “Give a big kiss to that gorgeous baby of yours from me”. And off she went.

I realised as I approached the counter that the lady behind it was looking rather worried. A slight smile on her face. How much of our conversation had she understood? Enough to know that I had just had a Covid test of course. But the context?

Anyway, she smiled politely and asked if I preferred my baguette ‘bien cuit ou pas trop’, well done or less well done (I like the squidginess of less well done personally).

I paid, we smiled at each other (I think), and I breezed on out again into the cold air.