Life in the Loire after lock-down. 22nd May. Day 12 of déconfinement.

You know when you wake up in the morning and already can’t wait for bedtime again? That was me this morning.

A large cup of tea (which felt like a bit of a struggle) and back to bed.

I surfaced just before lunchtime, took a shower (water on the head always helps when you have a thumping headache I find) and pondered upon what food could possibly ease the pain.

Oh yes! I know. Nigel hunted down a tin of the ‘healthy’ baked beans (no added sugar or salt), to which I readded the sugar and salt and a knob of butter. I then popped in the last of the chickpea curry from the chickpea doubles we had a couple of nights ago. Now we have curried baked beans. Things are looking up.

And so, a slice of hot buttered sourdough, a liberal portion of curried beans, a crispy fried egg and then, to top, some of the tamarind sauce AND some sriracha hot chilli sauce.

And back to bed. Half an hour listening to Dessert Island Discs, one of Nigel’s Tramadols and another snooze.

Teatime. Up again and feeling just a teensy bit better. While I’ve been snoozing, the landline has rung twice, the mobile three times and Facebook Messanger has been pinging through messages.

Checking email I see that our bank has been trying to get through to us. It looks like we’ll be able to borrow some money at 0% interest for the next 12 months which is good news. This is a Governement initiative to help small businesses survive the Coronavirus crisis. I can’t face that conversation this afternoon.

I spent a frustrating half an hour chasing up our cancelled flights to Warsaw a couple of weeks ago with Opodo this afternoon. No joy. They keep sending me emails with updates but when I go onto the app the flight doesn’t even come up. Several conversations with the ‘live’ help line (which is actually now semi-automated with standard answers coming back), and I am none the wiser. I know they must be inundated with people doing the same thing. I’m resolved to be patient. Just hope something comes back at some stage.

Nigel was in the kitchen this evening. A lovely summery dinner. Griddled chicken breasts and a new potato salad made with cornichons, spring onions and capers bound with a mustardy mayonnaise.

Griddle chicken breast with new potato salad

Just a very small glass of Lionel Gosseaume’s Touraine-Oisly (pronounced walley btw rhyming with valley). The Sauvignons from this appellation really are great food wines and it was a great match with the freshness and crunch of the potato salad.

And yes you’re right, it was probably silly to have any wine at all.