Life in the Loire after lock-down. 11th June. Day 32 of déconfinement.

Big day today. It’s five months since I last had my hair cut and today’s the day. Looking forward to being pampered just a little and to seeing my hairdresser friend’s new baby.

A quick dash round to Louisa’s to catch up with emails and post the blog, a cup of coffee and then into Amboise. Internet still out.

Allegra was waiting for me, baby wrapped securely in a sling sleeping happily on her chest. What a cute baby he is. And so good. He slept while she did my highlights, woke up at just the right time for a quick feed, went into his little rocker and then came with us to watch me having my hair washed. Mesmorised by the sound of water coming from the tap he lay there quietly blowing bubbles.

She’s calm and I think her calmness transmits to the baby so he’s calm too.

It was lovely to see her and hear all her news. It must have been strange and difficult for her at times. Not being able to share her joy with friends and family, not being able to have visitors to the hospital (even her husband), not being able to introduce him to her Mum (who lives in the US).

I’m delighted with it. Gone is the dishwater blonde and back is a rather blonder, neater, shorter cut. I realised just how awful it had been looking in the past month. An instant lift to the morale.

This afternoon Nigel took the car out for a blast on the motorway. A quick round trip to Tours and back so see if he could blow the cobwebs out of the exhaust and get that wretched anti pollution light to go out. Unfortunately it didn’t work. Seems like we may have to find a few more places to go to in the next few days.

Dinner this evening was pure comfort food. A while back I made some corned beef hash cakes. There were two left that I put in the freezer so I got those out and made a crushed pea purée to go alongside. A poached egg on top and some home made ketchup et voila! Not the most beautiful plate of food but very tasty and good damp weather food.

Corned beef hash with pea puré, a poached egg and home made ketchup

Le Breton 2019 Cabernet Franc Touraine was a nice easy match for the dish. Lovely ripe fruit and soft tannins, blackberry notes and a touch of spice.

Before I sign off for today, an update on Skippy the wallaby. Someone from the zoo came out armed with a tranquiliser dart in the hope of catching Skippy but had no luck. He remains happy bouncing around in the Vouvray vineyards munching his way through the vines!