La Pointe – where the Maine meets the Loire

On our way to Savennières yesterday we popped in for a quick stroll around La Pointe, one of the prettiest riverside villages in the region.  Water levels are high in the Loire at the moment with riverside campsites, car parks and cycle tracks hidden by the swollen rivers.  Normally in La Pointe it’s possible to walk down to the river and alongside it.  You can sit on one of the benches and admire the tranquil water or potter along and find a more solitary spot to enjoy a glass of wine or a picnic.  No such chance at the moment.  It almost feels like the flat bottomed boats will gracefully make their way up the road any minute now.


Water levels are high so pottering by the riverside is impossible at the moment


One of the beautiful limestone houses in the village


Although water levels are high now, you can see how much higher the water has risen in previous years


This little square looks out over the water. There are 2 or 3 restaurants and it’s a perfect place to stop for a coffee or a spot of lunch


A stroll around the village is always a pleasure

La Pointe is about 20 minutes from Angers and is where the Maine meets the Loire. For a nice day out, stop off in Bouchemaine for a stroll, continue along the riverside and have a coffee at La Pointe and then head off to Savennières for a bite of lunch at the newly opened Le Chenin in the centre of the village.  After lunch you can visit Chateau de Vaults for a wine tasting and head off out into the vineyards for a walk.  A perfect day