Good restaurants in and around Amboise – La Part Belle, Rochecorbon

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It can be tricky to find good restaurants in areas that receive a lot of tourists. Sometimes it pays to leave the main tourist drag and explore the local villages that are frequented by the locals.

La Part Belle is a charming little restaurant/wine bar/épicerie/salon du thé in Rochecorbon, one of the villages that forms part of the Vouvray appellation. A simple but tasty menu changes weekly using fresh locally sourced ingredients. Portion sizes are perfect for lunch and there is a good selection of local wines, many of which are organic.

Here’s an example of the weekly menu:

Entrées (starters or appetizers)

Crème de panais, mousse au bleu d’auvergne (a creamy parsnip soup served with a quenelle of delicate blue cheese mousse)

Risotto de crevettes aux saveurs d’aisie (an Asian inspired prawn risotto)

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Plats (entrees or main courses)

Cabillaud vierge d’agrumes (cod with a classic sauce made with tomato, lemon juice, olive oil and basil)

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Veau condiment Tamarin/cacahuète (veal cooked with tamarind and peanut)

Tartare de boeuf Black Angus au couteau (a classic and very delicious dish of uncooked beef that is hand chopped and mixed with a variety of seasonings including mayonnaise, tabasco, capers, gherkins, egg, and spices)

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Burger de boeuf au boudin noir et courge (Beefburger with black pudding and squash)

Desserts (desserts or puds)

Assiette de fromages (assorted cheeses)

Café gourmand (basically a black coffee served with 2 or 3 teeny desserts)

Riz au lait aux fruits exotiques (rice pudding served with exotic fruits)

Panna cotta chocolat blanc, griottes et wasabi (white chocolate panna cotta served with cherries and wasabi)

amboise wine tours lunches

The restaurant is open for lunch from Tuesday to Sunday and in the evening on Friday and Saturday with the following options:

Main course only: 17€, starter and main course or main course and dessert: 21€, starter, main course and dessert:25€

On the first and third Sunday of the month they also offer a copious brunch for 28€ per person

La Part Belle

rue de l’Eglise


Tel: 02 47 65 36 78