Favourite producers in the Loire – Chateau Yvonne, Parnay, Saumur Champigny

Mathieu Vallée has 11 hectares in the Saumur region.  28 tiny parcels dotted around the Saumur Champigny villages keep him on his toes and it’s always difficult to pin him down for a tasting. He makes a small range of wines (3 reds and 2 whites) and we popped in to pick up some stock and catch up on his news.

Yvonne:Saumur:Fontevraud- le-tasting-room05

Mathieu tinkling with the tractor when we arrived.

Yvonne:Saumur:Fontevraud- le-tasting-room06

A short walk from the winery to the troglo tasting room and cellar next door;

Yvonne:Saumur:Fontevraud- le-tasting-room07

His tasting room is built into the rock.

Yvonne:Saumur:Fontevraud- le-tasting-room08

In the white section of the cellar.

Yvonne:Saumur:Fontevraud- le-tasting-room09

And the red section…

Yvonne:Saumur:Fontevraud- le-tasting-room11

A few explanations from Mathieu.

Yvonne:Saumur:Fontevraud- le-tasting-room12

Enjoying the Chateau Yvonne 2011 – tasting just amazing.

Thing are looking great in the vineyard at the moment.  He’s currently making the second pass through the vines doing shoot removal.  Although development was ahead a few weeks ago, the recent cool mornings have slowed things down a bit and he is where he expects to be at this time of year.  All hopes set for an easier time in the vineyard this year.