Eating simply

loire wine tours eating simply

So, we’re living between two houses at the moment. We signed for the new one last week and are ‘commuting’ between the two doing some decorating before we move in in a couple of weeks.

This has meant for longer days and complications of what to take to the new one and leave in the other one and also to less planning and organisation for other (very important) things like eating.

Last night we kept it really simple. I seasoned a whole chicken, put a little butter under the breast skin to keep it moist, put half a lemon in the cavity and sprinkled it with dried thyme. I put it in a dish just a bit bigger than the chicken and rested it on 2 onions that I peeled and cut in half. I threw in half a head of unpeeled garlic, poured in a glass of dry white wine and popped it in the oven for just over an hour and then left to rest.

White the chicken was cooking Nigel par-boiled some cubes of potato for 5 minutes and then popped those in another dish that had already been heated in the oven with a couple of tablespoons of goose fat (yes I know this wasn’t the lowest calorie dinner). 20 minutes in a hot oven and they came out crunchy and delicious.

A leg each, a little breast, some onion and soft sweet garlic, a pile of tiny goose fat roasted potatoes and a few spoons of garlicky, thyme, lemon jus from the pan.

Simple, delicious and satisfying.