Domaine de la Chevalerie – Bourgueil

If anyone was in any doubt that this domaine would remain dynamic after the charismatic Pierre Caslot sadly passed away – rest assured.  An entertaining couple of hours with Stephanie yesterday had us smiling from ear to ear as we were taken on a journey through each of the domaine’s terroirs along with anecdotes and food and wine suggestions for each one.


You need your tasting hat on here – this is not for those that tire easily.  Domaine de la Chevalerie is one of the few places where you are led through a series of terroirs and vintages in a logical order that leaves you in no doubt as to the differences of each soil and the complexities of the vintage year. It’s also one of the few places where you can taste a range of vintages from the same parcel.  Starting with the younger vines grown on the sandy alluvial soils closer to the Loire you steadily work your way up the slope, each time recognising the increase in concentration, structure and complexity that comes with the change in terroir as more clay and limestone dominates the landscape.


Hang on in there – when the 12th wine is poured in your glass, it’s easy to feel a little giddy with it all, trying to sort them in your head in order of preference but the reality is – all the wines are great – it’s just choosing which ones you like more than the others!


Stephanie circulates, pours, smiles, jokes, gives advice and shares lots of information. She’s every bit as enigmatic as her dad was and we did feel a rush of nostalgia as she poured us Breteche 2008 as we have a little video of Pierre pouring us that same wine a few years ago.  He recommended it be drunk with ‘un bon agneau, bien elevé sur un pâturage, pas trop riche, avec bon nappe, bon plat chandeliers, musique et entouré de bons amis’.