Cuvée de L’Artiste 2018 Chateau de Montdomaine

The 2018 reds from the Loire are full of luscious ripe fruit and offer brilliant value for money.

This 2018 Malbec (here called Côt) is a great example of the sunny vintage. It’s just packed with ripe bramble fruit and although the tannins are quite pronounced at the moment, it’s quite delicious. With a beautiful attractive plum skin hue and a touch of spice and sour cherry on the finish it also has lovely bright acidity that keeps it fresh and drinkable.

The eye-catching label was designed by Pop Artist Boyarde. I absolutely love it!

You can find the wines of Chateau de Montdomaine for sale at the domaine as well as in Amboise at their wine shop La Cave. They can also ship abroad which is great as being a small producer you are unlikely to find it in the US at the moment.

Watch this space. This is a young an dynamic estate run by Fred and Louisa Plou. Fred’s family has been making wine in the region since the 1500’s and Louisa studied history of art. It’s a great combination that is sure to take them far.