Bring out a sweet wine this Christmas!

I’m a huge fan of sweet wine. When I say sweet wine I mean proper, high quality sweet wine and luckily for me, we live in the Loire valley which makes some of the best sweet wine in the world.

Many of you will be reading this and disagreeing with me. ‘I don’t like sweet wine’ I hear you say. I don’t understand it. You like to eat dessert right? Great sweet wine is one of life’s pleasures.

We opened a half bottle of Florent Baumard’s Quart de Chaume 2007 this weekend and it was just heavenly. I served it alongside a lemony dessert, something between a lemon trifle and a tiramisu. It went pretty well but in fact the star of the show was the wine and it got me thinking.

At Christmas when you’ve eaten as much as your poor stomach can take, skip dessert and sit quietly sipping a glass of something like this. It is dessert!

Not convinced? Then head over here to the Loire and come and see us. I love a challenge and I’m sure I can persuade you.