Beautiful Alsace

A few photos taken in Alsace last week.  This was a first for me and a visit I’d been looking forward to for a very long time.  There’s no doubt what the main activity is as you drive around the tiny picturesque villages.  Miles and miles of vineyards dominate the landscape as far as the eye can see. The wines from Alsace are absolutely wonderful but the labeling can be confusing. Although wines from here are sold by grape variety, it’s never clear if the wine in the bottle is dry or sweet.  We enjoyed a typical lunch of choucroute and a gratin of potatoes with cheese, cream and sausage.  Our wine choice was a Pinot Gris Trottaker 2011 from Jean Sipp.  Rich and golden in colour it was soft and luscious and with more than a hint of sweetness.  If I am honest, we would have chosen something a little drier but have to admit it went perfectly with the smokey, creamy gratin and it made a wonderful change.

Alsace-feb-14-le-tasting-room24   Alsace-feb-14-le-tasting-room23   Alsace-feb-14-le-tasting-room22   Alsace-feb-14-le-tasting-room21  Alsace-feb-14-le-tasting-room20   Alsace-feb-14-le-tasting-room09   Alsace-feb-14-le-tasting-room10    Alsace-feb-14-le-tasting-room12  Alsace-feb-14-le-tasting-room15   Alsace-feb-14-le-tasting-room16   Alsace-feb-14-le-tasting-room17   Alsace-feb-14-le-tasting-room08     Alsace-feb-14-le-tasting-room02   Alsace-feb-14-le-tasting-room01