Annual Fete du Thoureil attracts people from all over the region

fete du thoureil

Yesterday was the perfect day for the Fete du Thoureil, an annual celebration of life on the river Loire, its boats, people and traditions. Le Thoureil is our nearest riverside village and is a beautiful tranquil place that comes alive with events such as this. The normally quiet and beautiful village was packed with people enjoying the sunshine, sharing a glass of wine or a locally brewed beer and just sitting watching the lovely wooden boats sailing along the river.

le thoureil

A beautiful sunny day brought out the crowds in our normally quiet riverside village

le thoureil

Tales from the riverbank as told by one of the local mariners

le throueil

Sculptures for the garden were quickly snapped up

le thoureil

Freshly roasted peanuts in the shell to graze on while pottering along the riverside

le thoureil

And in the distance, the calm waters of the Loire

It was a lovely day. We walked down with local friends and neighbours and sat watching the world and the boats go by for a couple of hours with a chilled beer in hand.